The Story

In the beginning...

Full of Grace is a product of humble beginnings.  In 2011, the search for a nutritious and healthy breakfast alternative began for local Melbourne girl, Kate.  The quest proved difficult; she sampled many different mueslis and granolas, ranging from supermarkets to fancy High Street shops, but nothing satisfied.  So she decided to make her own...

Kate spent many months in her home kitchen baking and testing several different seeds, grains, nuts, oils and fruits to come up with the best tasting and most wholesome granola recipe possible.  Friends and family couldn't get enough so the business was born...and it has grown into the much loved and well respected brand that it is today.

The story continues...

In 2018, another local Melbourne girl, Kelly, enters the Full of Grace story.  (That's me!)  Needing to work on something worthwhile and that I could bring my passion to, I was in search of something that I hadn't yet fully pictured.  Looking for something that aligned with my health goals and values and that would help to propel me on my wellness journey was a big ask.  

When I found that Kate was moving on from Full of Grace, I knew instantly that this was exactly what I was looking for.  I have been on my health and wellness journey since 2011 when my mother became very ill.  Her illness made me take stock of my own health and I realised that things had to change. I have learnt so much since then (and am still learning) especially around the importance of wholesome, nourishing, REAL food.  It is something that I have become passionate about and it has changed my health and my life, and the lives of my precious family.  Full of Grace is a brand that I have fallen in love with, one that is real, one that has integrity and one that I trust. 


I am genuinely humbled to be associated with such a wonderful product that is already loved by so many and one that has a real influence in promoting wellness. I will be forever grateful to Kate for making Full of Grace what it is. I feel excited that Full of Grace and I can continue on our respective journeys of growth together, taking each other to new heights in the future.

Contact Us

Should you be interested in stocking Full of Grace granola, I would love to hear from you:

Owner: Kelly Winters 


Phone: 0439 55 44 85

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